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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII | Sony PSP | Complete | VGC


Condition Description

  • UMD Disc The disc is in good condition but does have quite a few faint scratches on it. It has been tested and works without issue. 
  • Manual: Themanual is in decent condition with wear on the top and bottom
  • Game Case: The case is in good condition (Please note that the M sticker on the front is on the paper and not on the case)

Game Info

"Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII" for the PSP is a prequel to the iconic "Final Fantasy VII" and serves as a crucial part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Released in 2007, the game provides a deeper understanding of the events leading to the original game's storyline.

Key Elements:

  • Protagonist - Zack Fair: Players assume the role of Zack Fair, a SOLDIER operative working for the megacorporation Shinra. The narrative follows Zack's journey, his aspirations, and his relationship with Cloud Strife.

  • Timeline: The events of Crisis Core take place several years before Final Fantasy VII. It explores the origins of key characters and the circumstances that lead to the complex narrative of the original game.

  • Combat System: The game features an action-oriented real-time combat system, departing from the traditional turn-based mechanics of earlier Final Fantasy titles. Players engage in dynamic battles using a system known as the Digital Mind Wave (DMW).

  • Genesis and Angeal: Two important characters, Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley, play pivotal roles in the narrative. Their stories add depth to the lore of Final Fantasy VII.

  • Connection to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core connects directly to the events of Final Fantasy VII, shedding light on the mysteries surrounding characters like Sephiroth, Cloud Strife, and the iconic Buster Sword.

  • Emotional Narrative: The game is known for its emotional storytelling, exploring themes of friendship, sacrifice, and the consequences of ambition. The tragic elements contribute to the overall emotional impact of the Final Fantasy VII universe.

Overall Reception: Crisis Core received positive reviews for its compelling story, character development, and innovative combat system. It is often praised by fans for expanding the lore of Final Fantasy VII and providing a deeper understanding of the beloved characters.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII | Sony PSP | Complete | VGC

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