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Days Of Doom | Nintendo Switch | New


The apocalypse wasn't the end of the world. Just the one we knew. Enter the Days of Doom, a post-apocalyptic tactical RPG roguelite that challenges players to reach Sanctuary, a place of promise and respite in a world of colourful chaos.

Starting with a small cast of survivors, you'll chart a path to reach your ultimate destination, encountering threats, including zombies, raiders, and even zombie raiders! Along the way you will need to recruit a ragtag band of heroes to protect your growing community and fight your way forward.

Key Features:

Beautifully animated hand drawn art that brings the quirky vision of the post apocalypse to life

Eight character classes, each equipped with unique default and special abilities.

A dozen enemies, from the archetypal zombie, to deadly raiders, to explosive monstrosities and two surprisingly brutal boss fights.

Over 50 randomly occurring events that present risk reward scenarios.

Over 70 items and runes to collect to turn the odds in your favour

Roguelite progression means no two runs will be the same, but you permanently upgrade stats like party size and speed of resource accumulation, which means each run will get you closer to reaching your goal.

Original orchestral soundtrack by Jelle Dittmar.

Days Of Doom | Nintendo Switch | New

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