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Granblue Fantasy: Relink Day One Edition | PS5 | Brand New & Sealed


Day One edition includes:

DLC Voucher 1: Day One Bonus (Redeemable in console game):

  • 4 x Sigils
  • Attack Power III
  • Regen III
  • Critical Hit Rate III
  • Fast Learner III
  • 10 x Fortitude Shards
  • 5 x Glitterstone (S)
  • 30 x Mastery Point

DLC Voucher 2:
Granblue Special Item Set (Redeemable in browser / mobile game)
Main Character Outfit "Rebelwear"
One of the following sets: Eternals' Transcendence Set or Evokers' Domain Set.

The beautiful world of mobile JRPG sensation Granblue Fantasy - first introduced to PlayStation audiences with the spectacular fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus - is now realised in a fully 3D action RPG.

Soar to the Sky Realm, a floating archipelago set against a great blue expanse. Become captain of a skyfaring crew as you sail with a coloruful cast of crewmates on your quest to find Estalucia, a legendary island said to lie beyond the sky's end. Visit the Zegagrande Skydom and unveil a web of intrigue that will embroil you in a battle for the fate of the entire Sky Realm.

Create a party of four, each with unique weapons, skills and combat styles, and master a deep real-time combat system with team-based techniques including Link Attacks and Chain Bursts. Take on quests, battle enemies and score valuable loot solo, or party up with friends for up to four-player co-op.

Key Features

Custom Parties
Whether playing online or offline, you can build and develop a four-person party befitting of your play style. Each character has access to their own talent tree they can learn new abilities from, as well as weapons and sigils only they can equip. As the captain of the crew, you make the calls.

Link Attacks
Enemies have stun gauges that fill up as they take hits. Once their stun gauge is full, this creates the chance for a link attack a simultaneous, full-party attack. Performing certain actions in battle increases the party's link level. When link level reaches 100 percent, executing a successful link attack triggers link time, which temporarily slows down all enemy actions while granting you beneficial status effects. Victory lies in the links made along the way.

Chain Bursts
A Skybound Art is an attack that dishes out tremendous damage on its own, but when chained with the Skybound Arts of other party members, that triggers a damaging aftershock called a chain burst. Whether concentrating firepower on a single dominant threat or blasting swarms of foes, utilizing chain bursts is vital for staying alive.

Online Co-Op
There are over 100 quests waiting to be tackled at a town's quest counter. Each quest has its own objectives and side goals that reward experience and treasure upon completion. These quests can also be played online with other players. Thanks to communication tools such as stickers and emotes, it's a great way to unite with skyfarers from around the world.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink Day One Edition | PS5 | Brand New & Sealed

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