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The Legend of Dragoon | PS1 | No Manual | Good Condition


Condition Description

  • Discs: All 4 discs are in very good condition, I really couldnt see any scratches or any visable markings on the discs. 
  • Manual: There is no manual with this listing
  • Game Case: the Case has a few scratches as does most PS1 cases however the cover art is in great condition. There is a small deep scratches on the back of the case as pictured below.

Game Info

"The Legend of Dragoon" is a classic PlayStation 1 role-playing game released in 1999. It follows the journey of Dart, the main protagonist, on a quest to save the world from an ancient threat called the Virage Embryo. The game features turn-based combat with a timing element, Dragoon transformations for powerful attacks, and a captivating storyline spread across four discs. Known for its impressive graphics and memorable soundtrack, it remains a beloved title among RPG enthusiasts.

The Legend of Dragoon | PS1 | No Manual | Good Condition

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